Hx: The Human Experience

The human side of business

The humanness of customers is the guiding principle for how we shape point of sale experience, customer support, product development, branding, marketing and communication … in fact, the entire experience that people have with – or in – businesses.

Story telling is dear to our hearts, both as a tool for brands to convey humanness, and connecting with its customers.

We take into account the entire value proposition of your business, and we work outwards from the perspective of the people behind the wallets. Our approach is more nuanced than “customer centricity” (which is anyway often nothing more than lip service).

We apply the principles of behavioural science in interventions aimed at ‘nudging’ towards measurable outcomes. There is a high degree of “messiness” in business. This reality plays out in behavioural economics, which we now know has greater practical application than classical economic theory.

Macro themes demonstrate a major shift in the degree of activism that people are willing to deploy, as they demand to be heard, and to be seen. Companies neglect the human dimension at their peril.

Whether it’s the plastic straw campaign, or #metoo, or Trump or Brexit, people want their issues to be taken seriously – and they have a variety of media to broadcast their messages. Or, viewed differently, humanness is expressed through the principle of Ubuntu, and simple practices such as kindness and compassion.

In a Fourth Industrial Revolution landscape, an Hx-sensitive company is going to be more effective at attracting, retaining and motivating employees (aka the people who deliver the value in your business). The Hx focus can pivot to apply to both customers and employees.


The Talk of the Walk

Storytelling is important. For most of our time on Earth, it was the only way that history was communicated. And, as Yuval Noah Harari states so powerfully: “We are the only mammals that can cooperate with numerous strangers because only we can invent fictional stories, spread them around, and convince millions of others to believe …